Trust Data Solutions is a leading software development company providing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications that enable businesses to run more efficiently, effectively and affordably.

TDS launched it’s cutting-edge, cloud-based software platform in September 2011 branding it as ORBE: Office Reporting & Business Engine.  When you access ORBE software, you just login and start working….from anywhere: your home, while on business trips or at the beach. Trust Data Solutions is in the forefront of this next giant leap in computing evolution joining industry giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Cisco, IBM and Salesforce.  Trust Data Solutions’ ORBE cloud platform hosts a wide range of software solutions which enhance your business by increasing productivity, flexibility and reliability with licensing fees so low they can nearly be expensed versus capitalized.  With ORBE software there is no hardware or software to buy.  Further, our cutting-edge technologies saves your business additional money by reducing dedicated office space, data centers, networks, servers, data storage, bandwidth and power.

Our History:

Trust Data Solutions is a privately held corporation owned by Texas Trust Credit Union.  As a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), we were incorporated in 2005 in order to share our leading-edge software solutions across the industry.  With our Credit Union expertise and background, Trust Data Solutions began developing software solutions the industry needed most:  those that helped provide their members with the best service possible.  Trust Data Solutions now provide solutions to over 300 Credit Unions servicing over 12 million clients in 43 states.  With the launch of our ORBE platform suite of integrated applications, Trust Data Solutions is now providing solutions beyond the Financial Services Market to a broad array of industries including automotive, consumer services, communications, education, food and beverage, medical/healthcare, oil & gas, travel and much more.

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