Automate Tasks & Improve Productivity with ORBE: Job File Scheduler

ORBE JFS IMAGEThe goal of Trust Data Solutions is to provide your credit union with the best software solutions available in the marketplace. Now we are going a step further and providing the ultimate solution to enable you to manage your credit union more efficiently, effectively and affordably. Our solution is ORBE: Office Reporting & Business Engine, a new integrated suite of hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS) applications which powerfully streamlines how you manage your business. Three applications are now available on the ORBE platform, with another nine applications under development. All ORBE applications revolve around a single robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System, which comes Free with the licensing of any ORBE application.

ORBE: Job File Scheduler™ (JFS) is our new hosted, fully-functional automation program that minimizes redundant daily tasks and frees your IT department to work on more pressing issues. This integrated management tool enables the scheduling, tracking and reporting of automated tasks such as backups, processing and maintenance. ORBE: JFS accomplishes everything our traditional in-house version does but includes much greater functionality.

Several key features of ORBE: JFS include:

• ORBE: JFS now automates more than just Symitar tasks. ORBE: JFS also automates Windows, SQL, and Linux tasks too.
• ORBE: JFS reduces IT infrastructure costs because it does not require a dedicated server to run, maintain and upgrade. ORBE: JFS can be installed on any Windows machine. There is no hardware to buy.
• ORBE: JFS has a simple, easy to use and easy to learn interface.
• ORBE: JFS is equipped with Enhanced Security including Group Policy Administration, MFA and enhanced Logging Reports.
• ORBE: JFS can be accessed remotely from any computing device with an Internet connection making it a valuable asset in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans.

Trust Data Solutions is currently offering ORBE: JFS with ZERO DOWN AND NO INSTALLATION or PROGRAMMING fees (a $10,000. Savings). With a fast implementation process, you can be automating mundane, time consuming tasks in a matter of days, allowing you to focus on projects and goals that will help your credit union grow. This is a limited time offer. Call 800-527-3600 ext 1213 today and schedule your demonstration.

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